About Us

Yemen Act is a newly Born Non-Profit Organization located in Hodeida city. Its main goal is to ensure working towards the poorest & most vulnerable people in the country specially those who are affected by the humanitarian and war crisis.
Yemen Act will ensure they have access to fundamental rights of life including but not limited to shelter, water, health care& education.
Its strategic direction has a set of focus areas that are critical for achieving Yemen Act priorities and enabling the organization to become stronger and more effective. The focus areas are made up of community change objectives and activities that are the most critical to achieving Yemen Act vision and mission.
Yemen Act works in a results oriented approach during the implementation of its projects such as capacity development, humanitarian and women empowerment.
These projects are highly executed with monitoring and evaluation standards as well as key performance indicators.
Successful implementation of such projects are highly dependent on the support of our partners in terms of coordination and fundraising. Strategic partners are always a key element to execute Yemen Act approach successfully.


  • Raise awareness in the society as a whole
  • The involvement of young people in developing and activating the principles of sustainable community development.
  • Promotion of women empowerment, education and entrepreneurship.
  • Ensure Positive change in our community and the lives of its individuals. This change will be traceable by logging all the individual projects and correlating them to trends and shifts in community attitudes and services.
  • To attract diversified fund raised projects and initiate them with highly international standards.